Dissertations are also collected in the library in both printed and electronic format accessible to users.

Digital dissertations are especially for Iran's seminaries or Howzat and there are available in both Persian and Arabic. Most of issues are related to Qur'an and the Hadith, principles and personalities, history, Islamic economics, political science, social science and sociology.

Some great printed theses are in the field of "medical, veterinary etc..." and they are related to the period of Pahlavi, which has often been defended at Tehran University. Some famous scholars are among the authors, adviser and counselor of this theses such as Professor Yahya Asl (father of innovative surgery in Iran), Dr. Matin Daftari (A Prime Minister in Pahlavi period), Dr. Hassan Emami (President of the National Assembly), Dr. Mohammad Hasan Maymandi (One of veterinarians, writers and political activists in Iran).