They are held in the library with both print and digital formats. New titles are only in the form of printed publications and old valuable issues as well as some of current issues are stored in both printed and digital format. Of group of publications, there are some only available in digital format and not in the hardcopy. Subject area includes "the Qur'an, hadith sciences, law, history, theology, religious magazines, Rijal science, political science, Islamic economics, psychology, family and educations science, social science and sociology, management, literature, art and Islamic architecture, communication and information sciences, culture and media research ". There are also specific publications in areas of religious and Islamic-oriented press which are regularly collected and stored in the library.

Most of the issues consist of historical and unique contents and they are classified as specific and essential components of this library. Another outstanding feature of this library is a significant diversity of this collection which is almost unique throughout the country. For instance, the oldest existing Calendar titled as “Calendar of government of Iran 1297" is available in this library.

Newspapers in different fields "political, historical, cultural, scientific and religious" are also preserved in this collection and most of the titles are from the era before the Islamic Revolution.