Books printed by lithography limestone printing are available in the library is Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi. According to the latest report of the organization, these resources are approximately 9500, amongst approximately 1600 are owned by Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi personal library.

Lithography books in this library have different categories. A wide variety of subjects about principles, tradition, literature, history, science and technology, textbooks and treatises process belongs to the Qajar period are available.

Besides, the linguistic diversity of resources published by cities like Istanbul, Najaf, Cairo, Mumbai, Lahore, Kanpur and Srinagar is remarkable within this collection.

There are approximately 2000 titles classified as old prints published in the thirteenth century AH. Examples of these works are:" Vaghaye from Khan Aalii "from Mohammad Ali Shirazi, which was printed in India, the book" Zad Maadi " from Allameh in Tabriz as the first book of lithography in Iran as well as "the Peter the Great" as the first lunar lithographs published in Tehran.

More than 1,500 titles of the collection were unique and other versions of the same print titles or similar have not been identified in other libraries. An example is the book named as Haqyqhat Alsyam" from Abul Kalam Azadin Urdu language.

Majority of books in the collection was donated by great and well-known people e.g. Mohammad Ramadan, Farid Mohsen Araki, Alavi Tabatabai, etc.