Description about old manuscripts collection in the library

Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi's library holds valuable resources with regards to collection of old manuscripts. According to the latest statistics up to 7300 are kept as part of the old manuscript collection.

There are versions by various authors such as Mullah Muhammad Taqi Majlisi, Allama Majlisi, Abbas Gholi Sepher, Sayed Sadronddin Sadr-Ameli ... and other clerics and scholars like Sheikh Baha'i and Mirdamad.

There are versions with beautiful lines, illumination, epigraphs, and other features as well. There are manuscripts related to the tenth century, such as: Nahj al-Balagha Sharif Al-Radi, Sa'di's Golestan, Khamse Nizami, Miftah al-Ulum, Nasirean Ethics etc.

Handwritten versions by Ayatollah Boroujerdi and/or with commentary and margins from him as well as original notes of funds and daily expenditures and revenues by him are also among the collection.